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In case you are looking for a due to the current Corona Virus crisis Home office for Switzerland are, Then the IT service from Filedesign Informatik is in the area of ​​VPN, Office365, OpenVPN is just right for you. Let us advise you accordingly.

What do companies and private individuals do with bitcoins?

Everyone is talking about Bitcoin – tax officials too. What private individuals and accountants of companies need to know when completing the tax return.

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Tax advisor for Switzerland and what to do with bitcoins?

Another question is, whether not only cryptocurrency shares are marked as assets and are therefore subject to wealth tax, but whether exchange rate gains are also taxable. Here's how it looks in Switzerland, that such price gains, that result from a coin balance held in private assets, are so-called capital gains and are therefore tax-free in Switzerland.

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Supplier of crypto taxation

The taxation of cryptocurrencies in Switzerland are also in the year 2019 complex. There are regulations, However, customers are with Bitcoin or Ethereum taxes in Switzerland Often overwhelmed. For Swiss, in-depth expert knowledge is in demand and the trustees help you with cryptocurrency issues.

Diigo blog with the best trustees in Zurich, Lucerne and Basel on the topic of bitcoins
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One of the most visited websites in terms of questions and current courses. The website is in English and with its crypto forum offers good and current information about ICOs and frauds like Envion and SwissAlpsMining contest.


Bitcointalk topic cryptocurrency and taxes in Switzerland

The forum is the first point of contact for friends of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency worldwide. The topic Bitcoin taxes in Switzerland is a hot topic for trustees and accountants. Let us advise you accordingly.